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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wonder Fest Haul!

todays haul revised
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OK, I made out like a bandit for a scary cheap price today. Most of this is stuff I won playing ring toss and getting winning tickets.

This is the first Wonder Fest in a year so it was great to have this event again, its heavy on the naked girl models but there is sofubi to be found too. The best was M1 had the ring toss which they didnt do for a long time and I actually won a clear Jet Jaguar so that was a great surprise. The Garamon was a ticket winner and the giant Booske a friend won and then gave it to as he doesnt collect Booska! Thanks Furuya!

Tons of other great stuff too today, like the GID Ushi Oni from Sun Guts, huge and killer. Too much too see and I can see from the KT picts that I missed US Toys and some others. The place is huge and I always seem to talk more than look when I go but that is fine with me, its like a reunion every time I go and great to see friends and talk shit.

The one thing that I had never seen before was the seperation of all the porn kits and naked girl stuff, they actually had an 18 and over section this time. Of course I went and got a suprise, the World KIller series! Mass murderer and serial killer resin kits, check out my Flickr if you need to see these.

It was a great day, too freakin hot but all the great toys and friends more than made up for that!

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