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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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1st version Kumon is about ready to go! Just need to finish making the headers and bagging them up sometime week.

WONDER FEST version will be black vinyl with dark gray silver and light gold sprays. Designed by Yatsuashi, Sculpted by Gargamel (Kiyoka Ikeda), Produced by Shirahama. Figure is about 5 inches tall and will retail for 4200 (tax in). Available at WONDER FESTIVAL on July 25th, HALL 5, Booth 5-27-05.

The GARGAMEL guys in all their awesomeness put some info up in japanese too if you want to see it, go here, . Thanks guys!!!!

These are not going to be available in the US, sorry to anyone that was hoping they would. I will work something out next time, probably have people just contact me through this blog to keep it simple.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A long time coming but almost here.

Wax Buns
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This has been a while in planning and getting done, with all involved being busy or on a tight budget it took a little time but it's sooooo worth the wait! Here is the wax after being taken from the mold of the original scuplt and cleaned up, which is just as laborious as the initial sculpt itself! Maybe more, if you mess this up you have to start over. :(
I like the green of the wax and maybe I'll do the figure itself in green later too. Anyway, another teaser shot to peruse.

Oh yeah, did I say I am stoked!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I started a new blog:

And its all M1GO and how I am obsessed by the beauty of monsters. Click on the link over to the right to see it, most of the posts are just ones I moved or edited from before but I will be adding more for sure.

And I started my cat crazy blog again too, so if you love the fuzz check it out.