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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WF Kumon in GID

WF Kumon? by Baikin
WF Kumon?, a photo by Baikin on Flickr.

I will be at WF next weekend on the 24th with a few of these GID Kumon with a wonderful new Showa header, the figure will be painted with pink and blue and gold. 4200 yen retail. Please come by and say Hello!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

ARK Set lottery tonight!

Sorry these are later than I was hoping, just have not had the time to do anything but my regular job these last few months and barley any free time. So I will do the choosing tonight, gonna have Yuriko pick them out of a box. Will send mail to the winners in the next couple days. If a winner passes Yuriko will pull another email outta the box. 16 sets will be available by lottery. The money will be going to JAWS (Japan Animal Welfare Society) for the animals in the earthquake and tsunami effected areas of northern Japan.

Sorry, no more entires will be accepted. Winning notification will be sent soon.

Monday, April 4, 2011


ARK Set by Baikin
ARK Set, a photo by Baikin on Flickr.

UPDATE: I have gotten more mail than I thought I would about this set so I am going to do a lottery for these.

I have a small amount of these to sell to help with the relief for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan this month. The set will include the Kumon figure, a 1 1/4" pinbadge and a small print by Yuriko H, the print will be signed and numbered by her also. All the sales of this set will be donated to help. Price will be 4200 yen plus shipping, I will calculate shipping soon。

Thank you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yukigumon at Winter WF

Kumon Wonder Festival Winter Version (Yukigumon): White base vinyl with silver and gold spray.
Release date: February 6th
Wonder Festival: Hall 2, Booth 2-07-09
Design by: Yatsuashi
Sculpt by: Kiyoka Ikeda (Gargamel)
Maker: Shirahama
Size: 5 inches
Price: 4200 Tax In