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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Butanohana at Thrashout

Butanohana at Thrashout
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Best show this year and probably all year. So many great toys too see and wish I had bought over the years but I was buying too many other things. Yuriko told me the first time we saw Butanohana that I should buy thier stuff but the price put me off, later I gave in but a little too late.

A lot of old stock toys were available which was great plus the 3 exclusives for the show. The Thrashman was unpainted clear so I passed only to regret it later when I asked about a painted version, oooops, this clear might be the only one ever produced. :( But I am happy to get the Nise Ultraman and the Red King, they are great looking toys too. I wish there had been some artwork for sale but nothing, other than toys there were only postcards and mini books. I had no idea that Butanohana was a childrens book illustrator in his real job. It explains alot about his style thats for sure.

It was the usual suspects that showed up too, everyone you would expect from the board that lives over here so alot of hanging out and bullshitting was accomplished to say the least. All in all it was a nice day, but too freakin hot like it always is for a summer in Koenji!!!

And now I know what happened to Kaz from Kaiju Taro, he is training to be a monk in Aomori!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


is gonna be lonely this year. Seems like everyone I asked will be at SDCC or just won't go so they don't have to compete with all the people selling underage girl naked resin kits with giant tentacle weeners. Actually I think they are hiding that stuff a little now, the last couple times it wasnt so in your face.

Back on topic, loneliness and nerd utopia, I think its not going to be so sofubi friendly this year but thats ok, I can save all my money for the M1 ring toss, at least I hope they have it this time, the last few times I saw them they were tossless. :(

Better than toys!

Haha, I love my cats. I know your not supposed to love some family more than others but whoever made that rule doesn't live with these two. Actually the little one is kinda a bitch but whatever, she can jump super high and it makes me laugh so she can be a shithead all she wants. I have another cat too around here somewhere but the little one hates him so he won't be in the same picture with her very often, I told you she is a bitch.

Matango Keychains for friends.

I have a bunch of these still and when I feel nice I paint some to give away along with other blanks I have. These two came out really nice, the picture stinks but they are a root beer brown with orange creamscicle colors and gold, I spelled that wrong didn't I. I think I will do some more in these colors later for myself as I feel jealous that someone else has them and I don't cause I am a dick.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shinto Gang After School Club

Not really, more about Skull Toys and his Taro Okamoto tribute. Of course with my memory I forget the name of the ST version, I think from reading the card in picture its Dokunroll #3, all I know for sure is there are 3 types right now and the "Tower of the Sun" version is my favorite by far. I just wish I had picked one up but its getting hard to keep buying so many different toys I like so recently I have been buying very little. Maybe I will break down and get this after all, the wife likes it too.

Here is the toy:

The back:

The real Tower of the Sun in Osaka:

At one time you could go inside the tower but its been blocked up for a long time and I think filled with cement or something. Anyway, what a waste as it is such a beautiful thing to see in person.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hmmmmm, what's in here?

A box! Lets open it.
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Click on the box to find out!