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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shinto Gang After School Club

Not really, more about Skull Toys and his Taro Okamoto tribute. Of course with my memory I forget the name of the ST version, I think from reading the card in picture its Dokunroll #3, all I know for sure is there are 3 types right now and the "Tower of the Sun" version is my favorite by far. I just wish I had picked one up but its getting hard to keep buying so many different toys I like so recently I have been buying very little. Maybe I will break down and get this after all, the wife likes it too.

Here is the toy:

The back:

The real Tower of the Sun in Osaka:

At one time you could go inside the tower but its been blocked up for a long time and I think filled with cement or something. Anyway, what a waste as it is such a beautiful thing to see in person.

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