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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Butanohana at Thrashout

Butanohana at Thrashout
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Best show this year and probably all year. So many great toys too see and wish I had bought over the years but I was buying too many other things. Yuriko told me the first time we saw Butanohana that I should buy thier stuff but the price put me off, later I gave in but a little too late.

A lot of old stock toys were available which was great plus the 3 exclusives for the show. The Thrashman was unpainted clear so I passed only to regret it later when I asked about a painted version, oooops, this clear might be the only one ever produced. :( But I am happy to get the Nise Ultraman and the Red King, they are great looking toys too. I wish there had been some artwork for sale but nothing, other than toys there were only postcards and mini books. I had no idea that Butanohana was a childrens book illustrator in his real job. It explains alot about his style thats for sure.

It was the usual suspects that showed up too, everyone you would expect from the board that lives over here so alot of hanging out and bullshitting was accomplished to say the least. All in all it was a nice day, but too freakin hot like it always is for a summer in Koenji!!!

And now I know what happened to Kaz from Kaiju Taro, he is training to be a monk in Aomori!!!

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