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Friday, July 24, 2009

VELOCITRON ART at "a massing of grim reapers"

Weeeeeee!!!!! Yeah, thats sounds dumb but I am dumb so it fits. Also it usually means a good time is being had and a good WAS had last night at " A Massing of Grim Reapers" show at Monstock Cafe. Lots of great customs and great talk was had a done by everyone there. It was a small event but I think there would have been many more people if everyone was not at SDCC this weekend.

Ricky did a bunch of customs for the show and the army of Betchigons looked great. I love the destroyed Gundam playmodels he slaughtered for the custom Larvagons he did for the show. Look closely at the art he did and you can see where the leftovers went.

I am bummed that I forgot to get a picture of the keychain and hair barret he made with the head part of Larvigon though, these were my favorites of the show! I guess I was too excited and spaced it. My wife got a barret so I can still get a picture of that for you all.

The Sunguts guy was there too and he surprised Isao-san and one other with an awesome gift, the Ushi-Oni GID figure that is being released tomorrow at WF! My wife is gonna be first in line for this thing! Just about everyone crapped when theyt saw it, its huge, GID and looks freaky! All pluses for making a toy you need to have.

Everything was priced well so people should be able to take some home after the lottery with no problem, I think it was because the gallery isnt taking %50 like usual. So enter those lotteries! If you can after the SDCC wallet drain anyway. All in all it was a fun time and again, I thank Ricky so much for inviting be to be part of it, a rad time was surely had.

Oh yes, click the picture to go to my flickr and see the outta focus and dark pictures I took.

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