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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daiogusokumushi!!! Say it!!!!!

Daiogusokumushi is the new mini figure from YAMOMARK. There was a couple colorways released last Sunday at Wonder Fest, one in black and one in pink, I bought the pink one as I usually go for the cute colors first, especially when I spent all my money at the M1GO booth already. If you don't know what a Daiogusokumushi is dont worry,
I didn't either until a wierd coincidence, a couple weeks before I saw this toy was being made I saw a picture of one on the news here, its pretty crazy and looks like an ancient huge undersea potato bug, which is nice as I like potato bugs too but these live on the botton of the ocean instead of your yard. They are known in english as deep sea Giant isopods, here is some info,

Also, available were Zariking minis in the same colors and the Nasura mini, which is a japanese eggplant which is actually the same as the eggplant in the US but they pick it while its still small and has taste, unlike the purple shoe leather egg vegetable we get back home. Uhg. The watermelon looking Nasura was killer, but I was on a budget, that and my better half woulda killed me. Oh yeah, a standard Kinoko Jiru Otoko was avialable too, I like that the name translates to Mushroom Juice Man.

Yamomark has been releasing a series of minis that are reminicent of the old Kamen Rider kaijin mini figures from the 70's, all of them well worth picking up as once you hold them they are irresistable! They have done a bunch of Silver Kamen enemies too which are awesome. And the price and size makes them even more easy to take home, if you can find them though which is the problem as most sell out pretty fast at the events when released. Actually I was lucky, my wife was walking by the booth and saw it and called me to say it was there and I freaked and she bought it for me so I could add more toxic material to the collection.

If you dont know Yamomark here is a link to thier blog, , its in Japanese but there are plenty of pictures to give you a taste of whats out there to track down! Especially any version of Yamo-Bazooka.

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