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Saturday, August 22, 2009

M1号 Exhibition at Beams Tokyo CultuArt

That title about sums it up, but it doesnt say how amazing it really was. Just walking in to the show I stopped from a huge shock, all I could think was how nice it all looked and then the hours it must have taken to set up, I hadnt even looked at the toys and I was already thinking "best show ever", and what made it better is that is was for a company I love beyond all others, well except one that starts with a "G". And then I pulled the typical Dumb Dennis, I asked Yuji if they just got there! Of course he and and everyone else had come the day before, I am stoopido. I arrived a little early and talked with him for a bit and then gave my friend a present I had painted, he then shows it to Yuji and Yuji gives me his assessment and thoughts on what I should have done, basically the master was giving a free lesson that was much appreciated! I have been lucky that alot of what I know has come from him and another awesome toy master that lives over here, learning from the best is the best for sure.

But what about the toys??? If you dont know me I can just say this, I was in heaven. If you grew up with Ultraman and Godzilla and you like Bullmark and Marusan and beautifully made and painted toys you can do no better. I am not joking at all, I sometimes think to stop buying anything but M1号, its all I really need. But I digress, the place was packed with toys from the early days of M1号 to the newest. So much great stuff jammed together how I like it, just like my house. I cant really do it justice writing about it, check out my Flickr, even better, go to the show if you can. You will go crazy just staring at all the colors and wonderful designs, old and new.

But what about the Hedorahs? 100 1 offs all done by Yuji, and not one that would be a stinker. His sense of color and application is never below top notch. I am amazed at his ability to make a gorgeous toy everytime he pulls out the airbrush, I cant think of anyone else that has done that. Plus, all 100 are for sale, but by lottery only so everyone has to wait and hope for the best. I wanted to take pictures of all 100 but my arm was getting tired! The contrast of the regimented Hedorah layout and the rest of the place looked great also.

Thanks to M1号 for a great show and a great time and thanks to all the Beams staff for putting this show on and putting up with the crazy white guy.

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