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Thursday, September 10, 2009

101 Hedo

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I am obsessed, I had to go back and take individual pictures of all the Hedorahs at the Beams x M1GO Exhibition, I figured it was a food idea for posterity as yesterday they all went to thier new homes. I Ned to sorry to Stew for not meeting him there too, sorry Stew, I didn't know if I was gonna go back until I was there Sunday. :(. Oh yeah, you won the one I wouldve picked you lucky bastard.

So here are 101 Hedo, it was a 100 customs painted by Yuji Nishimura of M1GO, the 101st is the ring toss prize someone put on the shelf with the customs. I was freaking out trying to figure out why I kept counting 101 and couldn't find the doulbe I thought was there, then I realized there were 26 on one shelf and 25 on the other three. Whew, I was sweating for a minute. Now I just hope I won one.

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