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Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Fest 49 Report! Kinda.

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So everyone at Super Fest took pictures of toys and put them on thier blogs so if you want to read about the toys you probably already did somewhere else. Not that we wont talk about toy shows here its just that something else exciting was going on too, freaky bug molting!!! I told you this was not going to be the "typical" toy blog.

Me and the other half of Shirahama were walking up to the show when she saw something red on a cherry tree, we stopped to look and got a pants filling suprise! Tons of freaky bugs crawling all over the tree!!! Of course Yuriko says gross and I say cool so no surpirse there, typical boy and girl responses, we really are kids inside still. Anyway, I had to stop and take pictures and all the people walking by kept stopping to see why some white guy was taking close-up pictures of a tree and they all said the same thing, GROSS!!!!! There were little one, big ones, black ones and red ones, dry ones and wet ones, shiny ones and dull ones, it really was cool to see and I am sure something that doent get seen often. They were all over the place! Now I just wish I knew what kind of bug they were, no one that I asked knew or had ever seen them before.

Oh yeah, the next tree had a cool snail crawling on it too.

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