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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Super Fest 49

I didnt put everything up last time so here is some more stuff to spend your money on in a couple weeks:

MARMIT GID Zagora, Bagun, Death Quid and Doguu. Not sure about prices but the Quid probably about 4000 yen and the others about 6000 yen?

MARUSAN standard size Dan Moroboshi from Ultra Seven, 6000 yen:

ILANENA Dai Kaiju Card Monsters mini set, 4500 yen:

M1号 1/2 scale Ultra Seven bust, in gold or bronze, limited to 25 each, 10500 yen each:

YAMANAYA crazy colors Crazygon and Ultra Seven. Seven is 6300 yen, Crazygon 5775 yen and huge!:

Last but not least, SUN GUTS! Akuma Kun plus GID omake for 3800 yen and Glam Hair Uraname is 3000 yen.

OOOPS! Forgot this, CREATIVE DESIGN 8 inch Godzilla, 4620 yen:

Last time there was a promotion with guests from the Ultra series that would give autographs, the catch was you had to buy items from certain specified dealers to be able to get in the line for them. I didnt buy the t-shirt so I was outta luck, looks like the same deal this time around also. I am not that interested in any of the guests this time so for sure I wont be in line, that way I can save money for toys!

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