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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New blog, new things.

I had a brain storm, well, a brain trickle more like. I have been thinking for a while to put everything one place so here it is, a combo of my cat blog and other things be I find interesting and spend all my time and money on like some of you reading this do too.

First up, Super Fest 49! Coming up in a couple weeks on April 26 during Golden Week, ok not really Golden Week but the week before, a smorgasboard of vinyl and just all around sofubi confectionary. Here's a not so little menu of what will be available if you want an empty wallet:

Super Festival's own Fewture Models:

Super DX King Scale Umezz comic version Baltan Seijin! This is a jumbo size toy for sure, it dwarfs the original standard that came out a couple years back. 16 inches of crabbiness for only 12000 yen. Limited to 100 pcs.

More Fewture Models Umezz series, Eleking with Pito Seijin. Eleking is 10 tall with mini Pito Seijin holding and even more mini Eleking, pretty darn cute. Set is 7800 yen.

Last but probably my favorite just for obscurity's sake , The Human Vapor (Gasu Ningen Dai Ichigou). If you haven't seen the film it was made by TOHO and released in the 60's along with other great TOHO SF horror films like Matango and The H-Man. It's been a while since I have seen it myself and with seeing this statue I gotta go rent it, even better I should buy it and so should you. Anyway, its 5000 yen and I hope at least 8 inches tall, no size info given but it would be great to have even it's 2 inches.

Here's the poster too, the Japanese one anyway! Which are always better to tell the truth.

Here is some GIGA BRAIN toys to admire, and the King Goji looks like a Hand Paint so these might be pretty limited. Available will also be a gorgeous Gigan and Monster X from the last Godzilla movie, 5250 yen each:

SUN GUTS will have some of thier wonderful toys too:

Glam Hair Uraname 3000 yen.

Hand Paint Akuma-kun with GID omake figure, 3800 yen.

US TOYS with all the mini awesomeness you could always want, plus a few Gojira-Ya kittens too:

3 styles of mini Ultra Seven, 2100 each.

Mini Eleking long tail version, LTD to 50 pcs, 2500 yen.

Ultra Seven Pocket Kaiju Set, LTD to 50 sets, 5775 yen.

Kitties!!!!!!!!!! Naked, 3500 yen each. Not naked, 5980 each.

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