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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kaiju are Tooooo Scary!

At least that is what Marusan thought when they first started making sofubi kaiju. When first planning they imagined the monsters would be too frightening if realistic so they decided to make them more charming, and what better influence that a chubby little cherub faced doll, Kewpie! I hope that doesn't ruin the whole monster thing for you now, it actually makes me love kiaju toys even more. Maybe thats why when I started collecting it was the Bandai figures with thier attention to detail that got me started, I didnt see alot of the Marusan and Bullmark toys around in the early '80s and when I did they were already beyone my bugdet, so I ended up with a huge shelf full of Bandai figures. But that changed not long after I found a bunch of Bullmarks tucked away in a botton shelf at a certain store in Emeryville, now if you came to my house you would be hard pressed to find a Bandai figure unless its one of the re-issue Bullmarks they have been releasing for a while now, actually I found a clear Bandai Mechagodzilla in a box yesterday I totally forgot about.

So next time you see a Kewpie give it some love, its party responsible for the vinyl madness you enjoy today.

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